How to Remove all Members from Facebook Group at once with Script

Facebook is amazing platform to publish your thought, creativity, business anything. Facebook group is a popular to do so.We can make so easily a group and can add all our Facebook friends easily by java script code but problems arise when we try to delete a Facebook group.

To delete a Facebook group you must need to delete all group members even you. You can remove each member by click on settings icon under each member but if the group contain 5000 members then? Don’t be panic, just follow the steps given bellow–

Step-1: Open your google chrome browser and Log In to Facebook.

If you don’t have google chrome browser, then search for download google chrome browser or install it from store. Now log in to your Facebook account by entering your Facebook email and password.

Step-2: Go to your group and click on group Members

Your groups are present on left side of Facebook home page. From the all groups, click on your desired group that you want to delete.


Step-3: Click on Ctrl+Shift+J or F12 on your keyboard

This is necessary for finding Console option to enter our java script code. By this java script code, we will remove our all Facebook group members That is necessary to delete Facebook group.

Step-4: Click on Console in new tab.


A new window will open at the below when you click on Ctrl+Shift+J or F12 on your keyboard. On that tab find the Console as mentioned above picture and click on the Console.

Step-5: Paste the Code. Code link: click here


Go to the code link mentioned above and copy the whole code. Now paste the code on Console tab as shown in above mentioned picture and click on enter button on your keyboard.
Now see removing is started. Now all members of your group will be removed automatically. It takes times to remove all group members but you need not to do anything.

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